Jackie Geddes PA/Finance

Jackie Geddes| Senior Finance Administrator

Jackie’s role to date can best be described as pivotal as she touches so many critical aspects of the business. 

Having been part of the Be team since January 2008, Jackie is Senior Financial Administrator and also also acts as liaison with service providers, audit bodies and clients for a range of transactions and queries about anything from payroll and accounts to IT Services.

Jackie enjoys driving her car and often takes to the road on trips around Scotland to places she has not seen before, and visiting North Yorkshire, the place of her birth. And In 2016, to keep fit, she took to 2 wheels, enjoying cycling again.

Jackie has had a keen interest in Genealogy, starting her family search in the 1980’s, so far her search has taken her as far back as the mid-18thCentury and right up to the youngest member, a grand-niece, born in 2016.

Email: jacqueline@bepersonneltd.com


LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackie-geddes-a73576100/