To all current and first time clients, thank you for your business and I hope this introduction to our current services will encourage you to appreciate the benefits of allowing us to support you.

 We are acutely aware of just how fragile success can be in a competitive market and so, although proud of our reputation for delivering a premium service, always believe that we can be better. It is not always what we do that makes us different, but how we do it. We use innovative marketing strategies that undoubtedly promise clients exciting service options but a promise has no value until it is delivered and that is exactly what we aim to do on every occasion.  We are now into our second decade of trading and are honoured to have retained many of our first clients.

 I like quotes when I think they have relevance and so I am sharing the words of Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author:

 “Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives and them value. Nothing else constitutes quality.” Peter Drucker (1909–2005)

Thank you for trusting Be Personnel

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The Be Personnel team of skilled consultants works closely with clients to deliver permanent, temporary, short term contract, and interim recruitment services for semi-skilled, skilled and professional level appointments. Our portfolio of clients is both diverse and nationwide. Trained and qualified, our recruitment consultants are also industry and/ or process specific specialists with the necessary knowledge and skill to ensure that candidates sourced and placed are “best in class”. We aim to satisfy by quickly and efficiently fulfilling client expectations and needs.

REC Member, ISO9001 Accredited, Gangmaster Licensed and Stronger Together Business Partner, we also offer unrivalled solutions addressing volume recruitment for the temporary labour needs of organisations of any size, who rely on flexible and readily available personnel to meet the peaks and troughs of business. We offer a comprehensive range of professionally recognised selection tools and techniques all tailored to your requirements and supported by up to date operational processes including:

·       Extensive database searching

·        Personality profiling

·        In-depth interviews

·       Skill assessments


Our Consultants are a skilled resource, who, by using modern theories, their knowledge, and also best practice gained from experience in similar organisations can provide best fit solutions. They will work in partnership with clients to deliver cost effective support and solutions. They can deliver “off the shelf” training programmes or work with you to create something specifically tailored to your needs.

We also work in partnership with a small group of trusted associates and so if our consultants cannot deliver your required topic we will always “know a man who can”. Our solutions can be tailored to your specification with a portfolio that includes:

·       Specific management or job skills

·        Food hygiene

·        Health and safety

·       Chemical handling

·       Modern Slavery

·       Manual Handling

·       English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

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